Indoor Adventure Park

Why Nebula Indoor Adventure Park?


Indoor Adventure Parks are an exciting type of indoor playground that mixes both fun and fitness. They originated from the original outdoor adventure game, however, are safer than the original. Nebula offers a unique mix of challenging play events such as rope course, zipline, wipe out, warp wall and more, which are more competitive than other manufacturer’s play events. • Competitive custom play events and materials.


  • Premium quality components with certified tailor-made sizes.
  • Powerful design tools and a veteran design team.
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Outstanding Materials Make You Stand Out

The ASTM and EN1176 standards are served as processing guidelines. The materials we select and manufacture comply with these standards.

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PVC Wrappings

Color Your Equipment

color options
color options
color options

Nebula offers a variety of color options to you to make you stand apart from others, which other manufacturers can't offer. Every color meets rigorous industry standards for fade resistance and durability.

You are free to choose your favorite one from the below colors. If you can't find your desired one, you can also contact our people for color customization services, which has specific MOQ requirement.

Choose Your Color
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More Play Elements Options for Unlimited Play

Customization play elements are available to customers who want to develop competitive games to expand their parks and businesses.

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With a free-standing steel structure, our zipline doesn't need to attach to the ceiling, which is of great convenience and cost-saving.

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Rope Course

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Aerial Pit Trix

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How to Cooperate with Us

  • Step 1:

    Provide a site plan and your budget.


  • Step 2:

    Settle play elements and overall layout.


  • Step 3:

    Review and confirm 2D design.


  • Step 4:

    Review 3D Max rendering.


  • Step 5:

    Receive an accurate quotation.


  • Step 6:

    Prepare materials and start manufacturing.


  • Step 7:

    Arrange shipping and delivery.


  • An Excellent Partner and Your loyal Listener

    With the indoor adventure park venue becoming more popular, how to maintain competitive strength and keep customers has been a crucial concern to entrepreneurs. We know your concern and we are happy to help! You can freely talk to us about your ideas, your project and your budget. After in depth communication, our people will help you analyze your competitor’s venue and design a more competitive indoor adventure park for you in terms of our professional solution.

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  • Customize Your Special Indoor Adventure Park

    Nebula is specialized in customizing unique indoor adventure parks for the customer all over the world. We pride ourselves on fulfilling various customer’s special customization projects! • Excellent design results in safe indoor playground equipment, low maintenance, and maximum site plan. • Various play elements, colors, materials and theme options make your own project more special and competitive. •Smooth communication between your architects and our knowledgeable designers.

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