Getting Started

We guide you step by step and walk you through success.

  • Meticulous Consultation

    Making sure that our people fully understand all your needs and requirements can help us make suitable and special indoor playground equipment to boost your business.These details need to be discussed:

    • Project age range, play structure and requirements
    • Measure the size of your play space
    • Site access
    • Target budget
    Contact Our Consultant
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  • Design Your Indoor Playground Equipment

    Our consultant will check all the details with you to ensure that all your requirements and demands are understood correctly.

    Then our designers commence your project design. The layout design and 3D rendering will be given for your reference.

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  • Start Fabrication

    After design, confirming and ordering, our factory will start fabrication according to our dedicated production CAD drawings.

    With an inventory of rich materials, advanced equipment and powerful manufacturing capability, we can guarantee on-time delivery with safe and certified indoor playground equipment.

     Polishing 03
  • Site Preparationand Material Inspection

    During the manufacturing period, you can prepare your venue in advance to ensure suitable installation conditions.

    At the same time, materials and components with the specific specifications will be sent to you for inspection.

    We also welcome you to come to our factory for site inspection!

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  • Professional Installation

    We offer clear professional CAD assembly drawings to you so that you can quickly and easily install your indoor playground equipment by yourself.

    In addition,a professional installation team equipped with experienced workers is available for you to ensure proper installation and low maintenance.

    installation of indoor playground equipment 05