Nebula is committed to providing second to none customer service and boosting customer's indoor playground business. We guide you through every step!

In Depth Communication Makes Better Understanding

We start your project with in-depth communication about your goals, budget and desired project types.

  • What is your target age?
  • What kind of theme you are interested in?
  • What level of thrill is ideal?

Given these as base foundations, our people will evaluate your site, developing layout and design for your reference.

In Depth Communication with our customers

Up to Date Design Makes You Stand Out

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Our design team is equipped with experienced and capable designers who are always up to date with current trends. They combine their knowledge and experience to help you turn your ideas into real projects.

They can also quickly absorb new designs and develop them into real projects.

Keep up with the foreign trend
Add eye-catching design
Design and improve products with customers
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    Error-Free Installation, Low Maintenance

    Nebula offers dedicated and clear assembly CAD drawings to customers to ensure proper and easy installation.

    Project truss has been assembled before delivery. Therefore, the truss and connection have been welded and drilled to ensure convenient installation by customer.

    The professional installation team can be sent for installation to ensure that your installation is efficient and error-free.

  •  record the specific specification of spare parts

    Hassle-Free After-Sales Assurance

    By using durable and certified materials, our indoor play equipment can maintain excellent condition for 3 or 4 years.

    High-quality indoor playground equipment can guarantee the life cycle, while shorter downtime can minimize your lost.

    For spare parts, our people will carefully record the specific specification of spare parts with clear photos, which is convenient for immediate spare part supply and size checking, therefore minimizing your business lost.

  •  record the specific specification of spare parts

    Warranty:You Have Our Word

    To ensure a hassle-free after-sales experience to our customers, we offer you a competitive warranty time.

    During the warranty, any defects in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation will be free of charge.

    Please note that failures due to vandalism, misuse or accident are not included in the warranty terms.

    Truss:5 years Wear parts: half year Other component:1 year

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    Superior Business Support Provided to You

    Your business success is essential to Nebula.

    We are committed to supporting you through every stage of your business.

    Competitive custom selection for you.
    Reasonable design to make full use of your venue.
    Competitor analysis to make your project stand out.